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Pinned topic Access Client Solutions Linux Application Package 1.1 SP 1 now available

‏2013-11-26T21:56:37Z | acs announce

Service Pack 1 for the ACS Linux Application package is now available. You can download it from ESS (more information here:


  • PPC/PPC64 support
  • 32-bit rpm and debs for 64-bit systems

This service pack also includes, of course, bug fixes since the GA of ACS.

For those updating from iSeries Access for Linux, there is additional information you need to know:

  • Ensure that exists. For systems that have, you will need to make a symlink to it eg. ln -s /usr/lib64/
  • Ensure that you are using unixODBC >= 2.2.14
  • Change the driver name in your odbc.ini from "iSeries Acccess ODBC Driver" to "IBM i Access ODBC Driver"