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Pinned topic Connection Manager doesnt start successful

‏2014-05-24T09:51:15Z | connection manager

I configured a connectionmanager as a ha cluster. It doesnt connect successful.

following configuration:

2 informix 11.7 instances on rhel server srv-ids3. 1 Primary: alabpharma_ids3, 1 HDR: alabpharma_ids3_hdr

Connectionmanager on separate rhel server srv-ids1-conmgr.

I installed csdk 3.70.

following configs:

connectionmanger config-file

NAME ids3_cm
LOGFILE /home/informix/instances/ids3_cm/logs/cm.log

CLUSTER cluster_ids3

  SLA cm_oltp1_ids3 DBSERVERS=PRI




g_ids3 group - - c=1,e=alabpharma_ids3_hdr
alabpharma_ids3         onsoctcp        srv-ids3        sqlexec         g=g_ids3
alabpharma_ids3_hdr     onsoctcp        srv-ids3        ids3_hdr        g=g_ids3
cm_oltp1_ids3           onsoctcp        srv-ids1-conmgr cm_oltp1_ids3

environment variables:

export INFORMIXDIR=/opt/informix
export INFORMIXSQLHOSTS=$INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts.ids3_cm


sqlexec         9088/tcp                # IBM Informix SQL Interface
ids3_hdr        40101/tcp               # Infx ComPort for ids3_hdr
cm_oltp1_ids3   40110/tcp               # Infx Connectionmanger Port fuer ids3


I start the CM with the following command:


Output in log-file:

11:03:52 IBM Informix Connection Manager
11:03:52 IBM Informix CSDK Version 3.70, IBM Informix-ESQL Version 3.70.FC7DE
11:03:52 Build Number:  N011
11:03:52 Build Host:    hans
11:03:52 Build OS:      Linux 2.6.18-128.el5
11:03:52 Build Date:    Wed Nov 28 05:15:38 CST 2012
11:03:52 GLS Version:   glslib-5.00.FC8
11:03:52 SLA cm_oltp1_ids3 listener mode REDIRECT
11:03:52 Connection Manager name is ids3_cm
11:03:52 Starting Connection Manager...
11:03:52 set the maximum number of file descriptors 32767 failed
11:03:52 the current maximum number of file descriptors is 1024
11:03:52 dbservername = g_ids3
11:03:52 nettype =
11:03:52 hostname = -
11:03:52 servicename = -
11:03:52 options = c=1,e=alabpharma_ids3_hdr
11:03:52 Cannnot find SQLHOST information for -
11:03:52 ALARM 5001 unable to connect to Informix server no SQLHOST information
11:03:52 listener cm_oltp1_ids3 initializing
11:03:52 Cannnot find SQLHOST information for -
11:03:52 ALARM 5001 unable to connect to Informix server no SQLHOST information
11:03:52 Listener cm_oltp1_ids3 DBSERVERS=PRI is active with 4 worker threads
11:03:53 Connection Manager started successfully

Why does it write "Cannnot find SQLHOST information for - " to the log?

The INFORMIXSQLHOSTS points to the correct sqlhosts file. If I make changes to the file I get different output in the log.

Any hints for me whats wrong?