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Pinned topic Problem in AppScan Standard edition licensing

‏2013-04-25T09:11:45Z | appscan licensing

I've installed AppScan Standard edition and IBM Rational License Key Administrator v 8.1.2 on the same machine (Windows server 2008 SP1 x86-32 bit)

I have a NodeLocked AppScanStandard .780000 license and IBMSecurity AppScan Standard Floating User Single Install License Key on my RLKA

The problem is sometimes AppScan will detect the license and sometimes it will say only demo license is available.

Is there any way to fix this?


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    Re: Problem in AppScan Standard edition licensing


    First, this forum is for the AppScan Source product.  The forum for AppScan Standard is here:


    There are two types of license keys for AppScan Standard: Nodelocked or Floating.  You need only one of them, but it looks you have both.

    In your case, the Notelocked license should be enough.  To use properly the Floating license, you need to install "License Key Server" to keep that license. The License Key Administrator is not able to manage the Floating license key.

    Why do you get "Demo license" sometimes?  I think that the floating license interfere in some way with the Nodelocked license.
    I suggest to contact IBM Support at to clean the following license  C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalRLKS\common\rational_perm.dat  file.

    More information about AppScan Standard licenses you will find here: