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Pinned topic Invocation ID in Sequential Job

‏2013-10-01T14:20:13Z | id invocation job sequential

Hello All, I developed 3 jobs.

Job 1 - Sequential Job

Job 1.1 - Sequential Job

Job 1.1.1 - Parallel Job

Each job has Allow Multiple instances set to yes. What i noticed that Job 1.1 does not start until I run it from Director with Invocation ID and I'll see new entry in the Director Job 1.1.<Invocation ID>. This is not the case with Job 1.1.1. With Parallel job i don't have to call job form director. Sequential Job automatically executes parallel Job and new entry will show up in Director Job 1.1.1.<Invocation ID>. I just wondering, why it's not the same for sequential jobs. Also, is there a way to automate it.

This is for DS 8.7.


Thanks in advance,