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Pinned topic Updating firmware on 8K-l Raid Controller x3550 M2

‏2013-07-20T02:33:15Z |

Trying to update the controller firmware from 5.1 to 5.2 (build 16000 or higher).  Removed existing 300GB drives and replaced with two 2TB drives.  Version 5.1 does not have support for 2 TB drives but 5.2 build 16000 or later does.

Have struggled through this process for days.

The ISO file for build 16002 seems to have a problem.  When I try to burn the image I get an error message that the file is not an ISO image so it won't burn.  Same issue when I try it from 3 different computers.

When I try to go to the floppy disk version, the disk images are too large (14kb too large) for a floppy disk?

Everything else that I have been able to find on the IBM site requires that you are working from an installed operating system?

Obviously I need a bootable version since the drives aren't yet installed.