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Pinned topic n.Fluent, a Real-Time Translation Solution (RTTS) overview

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 Imagine when language is no longer a barrier to communication, collaboration, or innovation. With Real-Time Translation Solution’s (RTTS) machine translation, we're getting there!

RTTS is a platform for speech and text translation and is IBM’s strategic machine translation platform. RTTS uses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology developed by IBM Research. SMT uses statistical methods to evaluate vast amounts of parallel corpora to determine the best translation.

Using RTTS’s translation, developerWorks can provide services to translate blogs, forums, or any web page!

In addition, RTTS leverages the Crowdsourcing strategy (wisdom of the crowds) to help amass the parallel corpora required for improving the quality of machine translation. As a result, bilingual users help translate sentences and/or correct machine translated sentences.  Corrections are used real-time for processing web page translation and also for offline model improvement.

Here at developerWorks, we are currently deploying a pilot of n.Fluent to any blogger who is interested in joining with us to gather feedback on this exciting technology.  As the pilot continues, we plan to expand the n.Fluent widget to other portions of our website.  Interested?  Join this group and partner with us!

Setting expectations…machine translation is not perfect

One of the most important factors for success of machine translation is setting expectations for machine translation. Machine translation is not human translation and is not perfect, but machine translation can be very good.

There is a concept of “good enough”. Is the machine translation good enough to help the user understand and use the translated content? That is the primary objective of machine translation.

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