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Pinned topic HS21(7995) Voltage regulator fault

‏2013-12-15T02:53:25Z |

I have an HS21 in a Bladecenter H chassis. In the AMM log I have the following messages:

12 INFO Blade_10 12/14/13 03:10:29 N  0x1C000002 (EXCH CAS 002)Blade powered on
13 INFO Audit    12/14/13 03:10:26 N  0x0000007A (SGSIN01-BCE03)Remote login successful for user 'SEREX' from TCP Cmd at IP
14 ERR Blade_10 12/14/13 03:10:25 C  0x04428002 (EXCH CAS 002)Voltage regulator 2 fault
15 ERR Blade_10 12/14/13 03:10:24 N  0x04018000 (EXCH CAS 002)Blade voltage fault.
16 ERR Blade_10 12/14/13 03:10:24 C  0x04428001 (EXCH CAS 002)Voltage regulator 1 fault
17 INFO Blade_10 12/14/13 03:10:19 N  0x1C000001 (EXCH CAS 002)Blade powered off

May I know, have it recovers itself?

If yes, status critical on AMM even after I cleared the event logs.