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‏2013-05-07T06:43:28Z | datapower

We are using the failure notifications to store an error report on an external (NFS) location in case of an unexpected reboot, but when selecting this (upload option) it's no longer possible to get notified by e-mail with the failure notification (afaik).

Since we want to get e-mailed upon every reboot we looked into other options and creating a event trigger (email pager) seemed like a good solution. The only problem: I can't find a 'reboot' event to subscribe my trigger to.

Is there somebody else who had the same problem or who uses the event trigger to trigger reboots that can tell me which event to subscribe to?

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    Re: Event trigger on startup


    I did "shutdown reload 0" on a box and looked into "System Log".

    The very first log entry after reload is this (at log level "Error"):

    0x8100006b domain (default): Domain operational state is up.

    This would also trigger on restart of default domain, but may fit your need.


    An alternative would be to use a Scheduled Rule with Interval set to 0 -- that triggers a single execution after appliance restart.
    From WebGUI online help of XML Manager:

    Scheduled Processing Policy Rule

    Certain applications might require the running of a scheduled processing rule. Integration with a CA Unicenter Manager is facilitated by a regularly scheduled processing rule that obtains relationship data from the Unicenter Manager.


    Select the rule to run.


    Specify the interval between invocations in seconds. A value of 0 indicates a single invocation.


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