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Pinned topic Extended Formula Queue Backing up

‏2017-09-14T03:17:53Z | extended formula queue

We have quite a lot of rows in the Extended Formula queue that started to backing-up since Aug 29 and at one point we had over 900K in the queue and the Process server is processing it pretty slowly. the system is still processing the queue from Sep 8th. We are adding daily on average over 125,000 rows to ef_queue table.

We have tried starting and stopping the Extended Formula Agent and Formula Recalc Agent and tried rebooting the Process servers. Swapped the Agents to run on different server.

Also ran the Segment shrink on the EF_Queue table and gathered statistics that was posted in this forum and still it is extremely slow. We still have over 500,000 in the queue.

In parallel we did open the Platform logging on the Extended Formula Activity and CacheBuilding and are working to identify the processes that can be fixed to reduce the multiple calls to the Extended Formula Agent queue. 


Do you have any recommendations to speed-up the process so we can clear the Extended Formula Queue?