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‏2013-09-04T19:03:47Z |

Subject: DB2 And C connectivty Error

Hi Cindy,

I am studying for 733 certification. I am trying to connect DB2 with C. I created program "first" and when I precompiled it; I got below error : (


Could you please tell me what I have missed. Or do I have to do any manual stuff like keeping my program code in any particular folder ?

Thanks in Anticipation!!

  • toronto_db2_guy
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    Re: DB2 and C Connectivity

    ‏2013-09-18T13:08:38Z  in response to CindyRussell

    It looks like a file write permission error. The DB2 Precompiler will create a new .C file when it processes the .SQC file.

    I usually use the DB2 CLP from a CMD window instead of in interactive mode so I know exactly which directory is the default.

    Can you check your write permissions in the directory when you do the precompile? Everything else looks fine.

    • Akshay15
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      Re: DB2 and C Connectivity

      ‏2013-10-02T14:58:37Z  in response to toronto_db2_guy

      Thanks Cindy And Toronto_db2_guy for your guidance.

      I did not have permission for that directory. Then I change the owner of the directory.

      I let you know about my progress on this.


      Cindy and Toronto_db2_guy, I need one more help.

      Could you provide me some docs or any material like Tutorials for 733 certifications, some practical exercises ?


      Thanks once again..!!!!