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Pinned topic How to differentiate base CC and UCM VOBs?

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I just come to a new client where I see hundreds of VOBs (single component vob). Obviously it's not a good design. Since they also mixed base CC and UCM, how can I quickly list the VOBs for base CC and VOBs for UCM? The PVOB has a "ucm vob" at the end, but how about the component vob?




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    Re: How to differentiate base CC and UCM VOBs?


    The ClearCase registry (and therefore lsvob) does not put any flag on a UCM component VOB.

    There are two approaches really:

    1. For each of your UCM project VOBs, list the pointers from the component object to the component root

    cleartool lscomp -invob \pvob -long | find "root directory"                   [obviously "grep" on UNIX]


    cleartool lscomp -invob \pvob -fmt "%[root_dir]p\n"

       (You shall to get multiple pointers into the same VOB if you have multi-component VOBs)

    2. For each VOB, search for directories with component root dirctory pointers.

    cleartool find -avobs -type d -elem "hltype(ComponentRootDir)" -print

        In fact every directory found must be either the VOB root directory element, or visible in \tag\.@@\main\0

        but then it takes two commands to do the search and depends on your config spec

        note: -avobs only scans mounted VOBs