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Pinned topic Changing Password of AS400 from .net

‏2013-10-03T12:26:32Z | change password

Hi All,

I am trying to change the AS400 password from .Net windows application. I am using cwbx.AS400SystemClass.ChangePassword method for changing the password.

When i called it for the first time i am able to change the password, but when i tried to change the password again, an exception is thrown saying "CWBSY1008 - General security error occurred rc=318". It was being thrown from changepassword method of AS400SystemClass.

I have tried changing the password using other ID as well. Still the same exception is thrown.

Can you please help with this?



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    Re: Changing Password of AS400 from .net


    I'd recommend loading the latest fixpack and if the problem still persists, then you should contact IBM Support.