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Pinned topic File Gets Erased Instead of Saved

‏2013-06-14T17:33:42Z | bug

Reporting an intermittent bug where my file gets erased instead of saved. And there's no way to restore it!

When saving an sql script in an existing project, or any existing script for that matter, once every couple of months Data Studio will say it doesn't know which folder to save to. I tell it the folder and it asks if its ok to overwrite the existing file. (If you ever get these questions do not proceed, cancel, copy paste your script and save it somewhere else first). Once I click Yes, overwrite, it erases the file and closes the tab. Not in the trash, not in a cached directory somewhere, just vanished. Wonderful. A sometimes amusing bug (assuming nothing incredibly important was lost). 

I'm going to try running an undelete utility and see if that helps.


Running Data Studio 3.1 on Windows 7 32-bit.

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    Re: File Gets Erased Instead of Saved


    I have seen this happen on Design Studio 3.1.

    I have not seen it occur on Design Studio 3.2 or 4.1, so I suspect this bug has been squashed in the later versions