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Pinned topic Migrating Suscriptions from V4.6 to 6.1

‏2013-03-07T23:46:06Z |
 We have installed  Datamirror TS 4.6  over Iseries with Datamirror Enterprise Administrator 3.0.0 and
we are migrating to Datamirror CDC 6.1 over Iseries with  Infosphere CDC  Management Console 6.5
I need to migrate the suscription defs from the old vertion to the new one but the XML file that results from the export in both versions have diferent structures.
Is there any way to migrate directly? any idea?
thanks in advance!!
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    Re: Migrating Suscriptions from V4.6 to 6.1

    ‏2013-03-08T12:36:03Z  in response to JorgeTuzi
    You will need to migrate your 4.6 Transformation Server environment. This will involve the following actions for the iSeries
    1) Install a new instance of TS 5.3 alongside your existing 4.6 instance
    2) Follow a migration process to copy your 4.6 configuration into 5.3
    3) Upgrade the 5.3 to 6.0
    4) Upgrade the 6.0 to 6.1
    5) Apply Fix Pack1 and the latest interim fix from FIx Central
    You will need to also migrate and upgrade any other systems which send or receive data from the iSeries. The V4 Transformation Server has a different comms set-up to V5 or V6, so this is why you need to migrate.
    I would strongly advise that you get assistance from IBM or a business partner with the migration as you may find some of your 4.6-based operational procedures impacted, and the migration process is not always straightforward. The alternative is to input the mappings manually into 6.1 and if your mappings are like for like (source and target table names are the same or the target tables have a common affix, and the column names match and the data types are compatible, you can use the MC wizard to map the tables very easily.However you still need to understand any impacts of the upgrade
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      Re: Migrating Suscriptions from V4.6 to 6.1

      ‏2013-03-08T19:14:59Z  in response to Rphilo
       Robert: Thank you!!!, Whe we planned the migration, one of the possibilities were to upgrade the versions  but after that, the customer wanted the migration in a new P7 server. I am making the migration manually but the next one is very long and I think there is not any possibility. The definitions are different in the XML file. I work in IBM Argentina. Thanks Robert!!! I am learning "on the fly".
      Jorge Tuzi