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Dear all,

I have been working in IAM area since more than 4 years while over all I have 10-years of experience in different IT areas like software development, as system analyst, a little bit of DBA & system admin.

Basically I want explore more and want to grow further in IAM domain and for that I need to know how I can achieve it for example by learning some certification which can help me improving my knowledge vision and getting higher position. But I found that all are generic IT Sec certificate like CISSP SSCP etc. and there is only one topic related to IAM. I also thought about taking some short online courses offered by for example MIT.

Actually I am bit confused here in order to decide what should I do and I am feeling that I am stuck now and there is no growth/imporvement in my career.

Your advices/experiences are very much appriciated.





  • franzw
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    Re: Certifications for IAM consultant/professionals


    There are many parameters that influence that decision. And it very much depend on local culture and personal preferences.

    IMHO certifications are only a supplement to your reputation which you have to build - no certifications will save you if you get a bad reputation :-)

    I also believe that the best consultants are people who have both broad and deep technical background, but also understands the organizational/political aspects of the IAM discipline - which clearly points to CISSP as a relevant certification.

    I think the best advice to give is to get a mentor helping you on your career - there are a lot of personal dependencies you need get clarified that is best handled through mentoring.

    Good luck in you future endeavor :-)    



    Franz Wolfhagen

  • Rama_Rama
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    Re: Certifications for IAM consultant/professionals


    I would like to add a few parameters to Franz's list.


    First thing, it's not the number of years and it's the type of work we did over the past years. Try to participate/shadow in work that would give you exposure to Planning/Design/Architecture/Implementation/Support/Troubleshoot phases. -  It would drive you in a direction towards attaining "broad and deep technical background" mentioned by Franz above.


    Second, While doing the above, having sound knowledge of Adjacent Technologies and Concepts gives you the ability to contribute and add more value. For Example, when you are in IAM, LDAP registry is something very common in most of the deployments.  


    Third, Certifications to me are only of value when you could really demonstrate the skills required by the certification objective on field. For example, attending a bootcamp and passing the certification might give you the credential, but doesn't equip you with the tools to succeed while in field. 


    Hope that helps and Good Luck!




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