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Pinned topic x3850X5 boot from SAN issue with v7000 storage

‏2013-11-06T08:29:10Z | hba qlogic svc v7000 x3850 x5

I'm currently have a problem in booting an x3850 X5 with a boot from SAN configuration in a DR environment. The boot from SAN volume is replicated on the storage side(IBM SVC v7000) from the Production site to the DR site. The two servers are the exact same model but it's not possible to get the server to boot up in DR. There is only one qlogic HBA enabled for the purposes of testing.

The Production server has W2008 R2 installed and when you try and boot the DR server it doesn't even get to the Windows splash screen so it's a problem in getting the server to see the boot volume. The only difference in comparing the BIOS boot options on both servers is the Production server has a 'windows boot manager' option which was added after the O/S install. This isn't available in DR as we're replicated the volume to the DR site and you just choose 'hard disk 0' as a boot option.

Any suggestions welcome if someone has performed a similar set-up.