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Pinned topic Correctly Rendered Page has blank Page 2

‏2013-04-23T17:53:16Z |

My report has 3 pages.

A string variable has been set up with 3 values (one for each page)

The Render Variable property on each Page has been set to use the string variable and the correct value selected for each page.

The report executes and displays the correct page.

The issue is when the rendered page is not the last page on the report pages tab, it shows the "Page Down / Bottom" links at the bottom of the page.  These should not appear.  If you click on them, a blank page appears.

If I force the string variable to render the last page listed on the report pages tab, this does not occur.

I have attached the report spec.

Any thoughts?


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    Re: Correctly Rendered Page has blank Page 2

    ‏2014-04-15T07:10:36Z  in response to jbrown

    Any updates on this?.. I'm facing same issue