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‏2013-02-24T16:23:22Z |
 I don't know whether you consider acquisition and contracts to fall within this governance discussion/.
In terms of acquisition and contracting (especially by DoD) I have heard informally that DoD directives do not explicity forbid the use of agile methods, but it seems to me that it is the contract; the interfaces; the timing; and the shared risk that are the problem... not so much the methods used internally by the development team.
Can anyone confirm or deny?
Can anyone cite a  DoD example of contract and acquisition guidance which works nicely with a supplier and agile methods?
Can anyone from the vendor community cite a specific DoD project in which the  contract was modified appropriately?  It would be great to see a concrete example, at least from the contract aspect of governance.  
[of course if a vendor is willing to discuss such a project the other aspects of day to day governance and agile development would be interesting as well]