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‏2014-03-06T02:57:30Z | ds3524


I have a DS3524 and EXP3512 connected to two HyperV servers via SAS.

I have purchased a new server which will replace one of the HyperV servers. What is involved to move the DAS to the new server? Is it a case of just moving the HBA cards to the new server and all the data will still be accessible or do I need to make changes in IBM DS Storage Manager? Obviously I will backup but I just want to check everything as these servers host over 10 VMs each.



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    Re: Migrate DAS DS3524 to new server


    If you move the HBA Card, you do not need to do any changes on the DS3524.


    The LUNs on the DS3524 are assigned to a WWN numbers, that is Unique to a HBA Card. So moving the Card will move the LUN's with it.


    You will still need to install the multipath driver on the new HyperV server (unless you only have 1 path/a single controller DS3524)