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Pinned topic Having Problems with RPE API

‏2013-12-02T18:59:46Z | 1.1.2 api rpe

Folks, I'm writing a Rhapsody plugin that will allow users to run RPE reports from inside Rhapsody.

The plugin will create the RPEDocumentSpec, load the template, get and display the metadata, get and set the variables, and then run the report.

Although the documentation points to a samples folder with and example java solution, on my version 1.1.2 installation, there was nothing there.

With the web research I was doing, I was able to generate the following code:

URI configURI = new File( AppUtils.getConfigFilePath()).toURI();

DocumentSpecificationBuilder builder = new DocumentSpecificationBuilder();

RPEDocumentSpecification docSpec = builder.create(configURI.toString());

RPETemplate template = builder.loadTemplate(configURI.toString(), new File(fileName).getAbsolutePath());


When it gets to the loadTemplate line, it throws a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception.

Is there a place I can download the sample folders, and does this error look familiar to anyone?


Thanks in advance,

Buddy Robbins