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Pinned topic [Solved] BESCLient Service do not start on TSP

‏2013-10-17T08:24:48Z |

Hi all.

Since the latest upgrade (V9.0.777), the BESClient services on my iem relay and iem tsp does not want to start.

the BESiOSServer is running well but the IEM server Console does not see the clients alive (because the BESClient is not running).

I tried to uninstall the client completly, then reinstall it with the same result.

When i try to manually start the BESClient, a message say it does not respond fast enough.

I got no log file in the bes client folder.

Do you have any idea ?


Edit: just to says that bes client and tsp in installed on a windows xp sp2.


  • BenoîtMAILLET
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    Re: BESCLient Service do not start on TSP


    [Solution] : We had to install The service pack 3 to start the BesClient.