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‏2013-11-22T14:49:18Z | clearcase_groups domain groups permission vob windows

This has been a re-occuring issue here for some time - in Win7, CC7.1.2.x environment:

Many of our users are members of > 32 active directory domain groups.

Only a portion of those groups are actually required for our CC VOB access/security model.

Seems this known issue with Windows, ClearCase, and group list truncation after 32 groups still exists.

I have been using the "CLEARCASE_GROUPS" env variable workaround for a few years now with some of our users (where necessary), which for the most part 'fixes' the issue of users getting a 'access denied' for a VOB that they do in fact have access to (as I ensure they are in the necessary groups beforehand).


In rare cases, this does not fix the issue, and the user still can't access a given VOB (ie. in these cases, "creds" shows the proper groups, but still not allowing them access).

I believe past experience showed that re-creating their Windows profile resolved the issue - but I want to check for your experiences or thoughts (or, a better solution).





  • Dave-Robinson
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    Re: Permission denied accessing VOB in dynamic view


    Are you setting "CLEARCASE_GROUPS" as a System or User environment variable?

     Have you experimented with both?

  • Andreas_Muegge
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    Re: Permission denied accessing VOB in dynamic view


    You have to make sure that the group is active as additional group in your view too. What I usually do is to ask people to create a new view and check if they are now able to access the vob.


    If this also fails then you can try to execute nplogon.exe on the commandline (it's in the system32 folder and should be in your path). This will refresh the network provider credentials so that the MVFS is using the correct credentials.