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Pinned topic Proper way to disconnect from host

‏2013-05-02T14:47:53Z |


I'm using the default connection to connect to a host. Unfortunately, I cannot utilize a pool of connections due to the way screens are laid out on the host. Fortunately, however, the admins of the host do allow multiple connections from the same user. 

Thus, what I do is every time  my HATS restful web service is called, I create a connection, traverse the screens in order to get to the one I want, then extract data and send back to browser.

Question- at what point is the connection to the host closed? I presume once the web service finishes, the macro encounters its exit screen and then terminates the connection. Is that right or does it wait for a timeout period before doing so (which is undesirable) or do I somehow have to explicitly disconnect from the host?

Thanks very much for any help!