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Pinned topic drilldown of report does not work when launchin the Report from within TIP (from an AEL tool)

‏2012-05-10T13:36:02Z |
I have made a tool that launches an report from an active event list (URL tool) within TIP. TCR is installed within this TIP installation
   . The format of  the URL is: 
This is a report in which has a drilldown into another report. The report works fine. The drilldown does not:
I get the following error: 
The search path "/content/package[@name='Netcool_OMNIbus']/report[@na#e='Event_Details']" is invalid.
CM-REQ-4069 The property "na" is unknown. Replace it with a valid property.  
The report works fine if launched from within the reports portlet.!