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Pinned topic Content Foldering vs Record Foldering

‏2013-10-28T20:17:23Z |

Ok so this is a topic I first encounter many years ago with Mr. Y from IBM, however I haven't built a new RM enabled application in a number or years.

My user wished to add their content to FOLDERS in a ROS.  One folder, lets call it the customer class folder will contain content and the containing folder is contextual container, i.e. they don't intend to search for content, the intend to search for a folder.  Here's a use case.

  1. The contents of that folder will be common to another class of folder, let's call it the business folder.
  2. There is a many to one relationship between the content in the customer class folder and the business folders. 
  3. All content contained in a business folder can be related to one activity and that activity date can be a declaration value.
  4. Some or all content in the customer folder may be related to a business folder or folders.  The exact documents within a customer folder that are relevant to a business folder will depend on a business package type variable.
  5. All the content is tied to a file plan.
    1. Customer folder contents become general records after one business day.  General Records have a retention period of 2 years.
    2. Business folder contents become business records at the commissioning of a declaration event "Contracted".    Business Records have a retention period of 7 years.
      1. Specific versions of the Customer Folder content need to be amended from General Records to Business Records on the declaration event "contracted".

Complicating the fact that there's a records type change and variable time trigger for declaration is the fact the the triggers are derived from the folders, not the files.

Also, they wish to duplicate the Content Folders as Records Folders.

I don't believe this can work for the following reasons.

When you derived records from folders I believe all the contents of the folders must be records in the same Records Folders and Volumes.  That means that they could not "subset" a set records from the customer folders nor could they declare multiple records for some of the files and a different set of records in another folder.

This also obviates much of the Volume controls in the Records Folder.

Am I right or am I wrong?

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