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Pinned topic Custom Page and Events and MSLs

‏2013-10-25T18:22:26Z |

When building custom pages in Jazz and displaying ITM data for the Widgets, you can enter an MSL name in the "Managed System Name"  to display data from multiple agents in the same widget.

You can also create a table to display all of the agents assigned to an MSL, then select an agent to drive information in the other widgets by using the "Events".

What I am trying to get to work is the following and not been able to get it work:

A table view of the MSLs (working)

User select an MSL to drive the other widgets to display data. (this is not working).  I can only get the other widgets to update if the pick list is the agents and not the MSLs.  I am thinking it could work because the MSL can used at the "Managed System Name" when rendering data from ITM in the widgets.

Let me know if you need any other information.

Business Value:

1.  Customer wants to see basic cpu, memory, disk metrics on all the servers in an MSL at one time.  A quick glance health check when the boss asks how is performance on app ABC.  We want to avoid the 10 clicks to look at each server when we could view them all at once.