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‏2013-05-10T07:58:07Z | mdm-migration

Hi, I have added a new product 'Apparel' in the product as a hard type. So I have a separate table for apparel product..

Now the web service for apparel product is created in MDM and I can also see the wsdl in my 'apparalProduct'  folder. 

Now I want to call 'getapparelprduct' service fro JSP page. How can I do this? 

  I have created web service client but I am not able to understand how to call 'apparal..' services from JSP pages.

Can anybody help me how do we do this in MDM?

My wsdl contains the following  

<wsdl:import location="ApparalProductBinding.wsdl" 

    <wsdl:service name="ApparalProductService">

    <wsdl:port binding="binding:ApparalProductBinding" name="ApparalProductPort">

            <soap:address  location="http://localhost:8080/ApparalProductWS_HTTPRouter/services/ApparalProductPort"/>



I tried out using some methods shown on internet to call web service from JSP. But its not working. 
Can anybody tell me please?