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Pinned topic RHEL64 Power7 LPM not working

‏2014-04-30T16:26:39Z | ibm-power-managed-rhel6 live lpm mobility partition rhel64

Power 750 8233-E8B (not P7+) firmware AL730_122

HMC V7 R7.8.0 Service Pack 1 20140303.1

RHEL64, ibm-power-managed-rhel6-1.2.0-2.ppc64

Should I have additional repository for RHEL64 ppc64 enabled?

# yum repolist enabled
Loaded plugins: product-id, refresh-packagekit, security, subscription-manager
This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. You can use subscription-manager to                      register.
repo id                                         repo name                                       status
Advance_Toolchain                               Advance Toolchain                               149
IBM_Power_SDK_Tools                             IBM Power SDK Tools                              11
IBM_Power_Tools                                 IBM Power Tools                                  51
repolist: 211

RHEL LPAR pings HMC without issue, same subnet

I have rebooted HMC

On RHEL64, I have run rmcctrl -z ; rmcctrl -A ; recfgct

Still getting the following error

HSCLA246 The management console cannot communicate with partition s68. Either the network connection is not available or the partition does not have a level of software that is capable of supporting this operation. Verify the correct network and setup of the partition, and try the operation again.

Any ideas what to try next?  Tks




  • nfont
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    Re: RHEL64 Power7 LPM not working


    This could be one of a few issues. Can you verify that the rsct daemons are running, you can use the 'lssrc -a' command to see their current status.


  • YCK6_Dong_Mei_Song
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    Re: RHEL64 Power7 LPM not working


    nfont is right. You should ensure rsct is working correctly. Although your lpar connect to hmc, if firewall(iptables) is not disabled, or selinux is not disabled,  or switch configurations, or other reasons,  probably cause rsct working uncorrectly.