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I have created two formal modules in doors and created some links. In my first module the requirements are in table. when i link the requirements from table i am not able to do the traceability using Analysis Wizard . Could anyone help me on this issue please.

  • SudarshanRao
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    Re: Doors Table In and out Links

    ‏2013-11-19T08:20:08Z  in response to kirandasari

    Tables cannot have columns like other non-table objects to show any attributes/DXL Columns. So you can't really show the traceability column for table cells. So you could consider showing traceability column in the other end of the link, I hope that's not a table too...

    • llandale
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      Re: Doors Table In and out Links

      ‏2013-11-19T18:38:17Z  in response to SudarshanRao

      Yes.  But you can create a layout ..err.. no, an attrDXL to display the linked information.  You can then create a new view and command that the Attr-DXL be the default display attribute for the table.  So you would not see the normal "Object Text" requirement but rather the information in the attr-DXL.  Seems to me such an odd attr-DXL might was well display the local Object Text and the away linked object info, then you get your cake and eat it too; until you figure out displaying all that info in the narrow table cells is hopeless.

      Such an attr-DXL will probably need to be sensitive to whether the object is in a cell:

      • if (cell(obj)) //
      • then it is a table cell
      • else it is a normal object

      There are a couple other options vis-a-vis these "default table attributes" but I've actually never used any of them.

      DOORS tables byte.


      Digressing, something I'm very good at: Add a new column after each real column and delete the new column.  Create an attr-DXL that displays local Object Text if the object is undeleted, but when the object is deleted then it displays the away linked information of the "previous" undeleted requirement.  Then you can toggle your link information by viewing deleted objects.  Not "VooDoo" but indeed "DooDoo"!