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Pinned topic Datastage error when run the job with C++ code

‏2013-09-12T09:02:56Z |

Hello All,

we are using c++ code in one of the Datastage job, able to compile successfully, but when we run the job we are getting below, please help me in the same

we compiled with like below befor we place the .o file.

g++ -c <APT_COMPILEOPT> myTest.C -o myTest.o

Error Msg,

"XfmRoutineCall: Failed to load the library "V0S44_<JOB_NAME>"; 

either the directory containing the library file is not on the library search path, or the library was compiled on a system that is incompatible with this system: 
Could not load "V0S44_<JOB_NAME>_XfmRoutineCall": /dsproject/IBM/InformationServer/Server/Projects/PROJECT_NAME/RT_BP257.O/V0S44_<JOB_NAME> 

undefined symbol: _Z16get_mapping_codePcS_S_S_S_ffS_S_S_S_S_S_."