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Pinned topic how to work with Web service call bulder?

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Hi All,

I am working with web services  in web experience factory.

Here i am using Web Service call builder. This builder have Auto created input vars check box.

For my web service no need to required input variable.

Here my problem is am unable to create this builder without checking the Auto created input vars.
 If i dont check it gives an error.

Please help any one.




  • mburati
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    Re: how to work with Web service call bulder?


    The Web Service builder helps automate construction of a SOAP envelope.    For Doc/Literal SOAP envelopes, there's an XML element with a namespace even if the target operation does not require an input, which the WS destination uses to dispatch to the right WS implementation.   So there is often an XML variable needed to be associated with the WS code generated by the WS Builders in order to build that outgoing SOAP envelope.  It doesn't necessarily mean that variable has to have a value set on it, it just needs to be the right XML element with the right namespace.

    It's typically best to use the WS Multi Operation builder, (even if you only have a single operation) because it'll generate a Service Definition builder call and Service Operation builder call(s) for you,  generating most if not all of the provider model for you.   Then you can create a consumer UI model with Service Consumer and page automation builder(s) such as View and Form or Input Form to call the operation and it should determine for you whether the operation really requires an input (vs just the XML var) for you.