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Pinned topic Upgrade GSKit from With iConnect 11.70.TC1DE.win2003?

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I have installed iConnect from the SDK version 11.70.TC1DE.win2003.  This is the version that I need to connect to the Informix DB server that holds information from our Cisco Call Manager.  I only need the ODBC driver.  None of the other content in the SDK is used.


The version of GSKit that is installed ( has some security issues, and I either need to upgrade it, or uninstall it.  Upgrading seems to be out since a license is required, and I don't seem to have one, unless there is one hidden in the SDK install somewhere.  Can I uninstall the GSKit?  Will iConnect still work?  I only need the ODBC driver.


Thanks for any info.




Jason Dumler

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    Re: Upgrade GSKit from With iConnect 11.70.TC1DE.win2003?


    So the GSKit installer runs after everything else installs.  I only have the OLEDB and ODBC components installed.  After the installation I simply uninstalled GSKit and it does not seem to be impacting my ability to connect to the database.