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‏2013-04-23T18:33:52Z | conusmer input parameter viewandform webservice wsdl



I have this web service that receive 3 parameters: wordToSearch, IdState and IdType. This web service show all the results where the wordToSearch is in it,  that have the same IdState and IdType (pretty normal, right?). But also, if you leave any parameter empty it ignores it and look just with the rest. Even if you leave all of them empty, you get all the Resoults.


The thing is that I was requested to create a portlet that would only search with the first two parameters (wordToSearch and IdState)

Here is my problem. I have a ProviderModel with the Web Service Call and the Service Operation, and a Consumer Model with a View and Form builder.

It works perfectly if I leave it all default, but when I started to try to hide the IdType field with either the Data Field Settings buidler or the Data Field Modifier builder, I get this ERROR:

           Error in method ViewFormBuscaVacantes_InputPage_NextAction. Error in method ViewFormBuscaVacantes_ShowResults. Error in method ManpowerServiceConsumerBuscaVacantesServiceOp. Error in method ManpowerServiceConsumer.executeOperation. Error in method BuscaVacantesServiceOpExecute. Error in method BuscaVacantesServiceCall.invoke. Error in method BuscaVacantesServiceCall.invokeInternal. Fault occurred while processing.".


How can I, from the Provider or the Consumer, hide or ignore the 3th parameter?

I already tried to erase the Row  where you specify the input arguments in the ServiceOperation builder and it doesn't work.



Any advice? Can I modify the WSDL Schema not to ask for the parameter?