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Pinned topic How to use TFIM for Authorization in datapower?

‏2013-04-17T14:00:27Z | tfim


I am trying to integrate TFIM with Datapower in map credentials i used credentials from tivoli federated identity manager as a method and configured TIFM and my TFIM server Request Token Format should be SAML2.0.but client sends SOAP message without SAML Token so do i need to attach SAML Token before calling TFIM or Automatically Object does that?

and if i want to authorize the same do i require TAM? Since i am doing for first time bit confused with the flow how it works can one help on this  and is there any documents or links for how to use TIFM in datapower?

kindly share your thoughts, tnx







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    Re: How to use TFIM for Authorization in datapower?



    Were you able to resolve this??

    please let me know