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Pinned topic System director 6.3 Auto-close hardware event when fixed ?

‏2013-06-10T16:48:36Z | director isd6.3.2 monitor

Hi, system director monitor system x server running windows 2008r2 that have the platform agent installed on them. We received hardware event about power supply lost of redondency and fixed the problem, now the alarm is still active after 2 days in IBM system director and I'm trying to figure a way to make director aware that the problem has been fixed so that the alarm get closed/dismished automatically. I know I can manually go to the event on the server and delete it but that's not what i'm looking for. Does anyone have idea on how to achieve that ?


ISD installed on windows 2008r2,

version: 6.3.2

local default Database


Target server :

platform agent 6.3.1

windows 2008r2 sp1