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Pinned topic BigInsights EE and pme4bi workbench

‏2013-11-27T18:06:10Z | biginsights2.1 pme4bi


I have biginsights EE v2.1 installed on a VM. BI status is good.

I am now trying to install the pme4bi workbench onto the same VM.

I am using the instructions here ( ) but had to make some changes since I do not have a MDM instance on this VM. 

Namely, I installed the IBM Installation manager from the agent.installer.XYZ.tar.gz and then tried to install the workbench using the installation manager (pointing the repo to

The error I get is:

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Workbench 11.0.0.FP00IF000_2013005-0518 cannot be installed into any package group.

CRIMA1071E: The installation package ... requires components supplied by other packages.

I was under the impression that the pme4bi workbench could be installed separately from the MDM instance.

Can anyone suggest what are the minimal components required to meet the prerequisites to install the pme4bi workbench?

Thanks a lot.