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Pinned topic Trial license key has expired

‏2013-02-06T07:47:43Z |
Hi guys, I have a noise problem!
I installed the version  IBM Rational Developer for Power System Software v. 8.5.1 Trial.Install it's ok but to start a program one error informs me that the license key has expired. Where can i find the new key? I should first assess the new features and in case buy the license later.
Someone can help me? 
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  • queequeg
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    Re: Trial license key has expired

     Hello Matteo,
    So did the key expire after the 30 days or did it not work at all? I am looking into extending the key for further evaluation, but it is not clear I can do that. 
    Give me a few days to get a final answer.
  • SusanY
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    Re: Trial license key has expired

     Hi Matteo,
    Which version of RDp 8.5.1 did you download?  The keys are version sensitive.  Once we know which is the correct version we can get you an extension.