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The following doesn't seem to work:


public class StartupBean {
    private EntityManager entityManager;
    public void createData() {
        entityManager.persist(new Task("Timothy", "Kanters"));

This does work in Websphere 8.5 Full profile. I'm deploying a war containing a jar with my EJB's the both the JAR and the WAR have a beans.xml. In my full application I am not injecting the persistencecontect but am instead injecting a statefull session bean. Both scenarios don't work on Liberty profile (8.5 Beta) and do work on full profile.

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    Re: @Startup, Singleton EJB doesn't support injection


    What problem/error are you seeing?  If you're using runtime enhancement and seeing the following warning, then that's a known issue with EJB+CDI+JPA that will be fixed:

    [WARNING ] CWWJP9991W: openjpa.Enhance: Warn: This configuration disallows runtime optimization, but the following listed types were not enhanced at build time or at class load time with a javaagent: