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‏2014-01-02T22:42:49Z | mdm-migration

Hello all.

I installed db2 in preparation to install the MDM software.  In the DB2 download from Passport Advantage that was bundled with the MDM software, there was a license file.  After installing db2, I tried to apply the license file that was included in the bundled version of db2 by using db2licm -a as I would typically do with a db2 install, but that didn't work.  I got this error from db2licm:

LIC1448I  This license was automatically applied at install time in order to enable you to start working with DB2.

If I do db2licm -l I get this: 
Product name:                     "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
License type:                     "License not registered"
Expiry date:                      "License not registered"
Product identifier:               "db2ese"
Version information:              "10.1"

So it appears that DB2 will not let me apply the license that was included with the download for whatever reason.  So, the question is, how am I supposed to apply this license?  


Greig Wise


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    Re: DB2 license for MDM


    Well, after doing further research I found out that every db2 download comes with a license file for the "base unlicensed version" -- which doesn't appear to be much of a license at all.  In any case, I still have a problem albeit a different one than I thought.  My problem is not that the license file that I have won't install properly but rather that I don't have the correct license file.

    It seems as if there must be a "restricted" license I can download from somewhere.  On passport advantage, I have one of these "restricted" licenses associated with other IBM software I have that includes DB2 in a bundle as a separate "Activation" download.  But with the MDM software, I don't seem to have one of these "Activation" downloads like I would expect.  So the question is, where can I download the Activation / license files that I need so that I can get this all installed properly.

    Thanks again,

    Greig Wise

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    Re: DB2 license for MDM


    Hi Greig,

    It looks like the license you're looking for is not currently available for download. Someone is looking in to making it available and I'll let you know when I hear more.

    Thanks, James