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Pinned topic DB2 10 CM is rejecting a java timestamp

‏2013-08-23T16:20:23Z | -180 10 colons db2 reject sql timestamp with

After upgrading to DB2 10 CM in a test DB2 region, we are getting an SQL -180  when a JAVA (JIS) formatted timestamp (2013-08-23 09:10:00.000000) is sent from a distributed app.  This change is behavior is not really documented specifically in the DB2 10 Application and SQL release incompatibilities for migration from Version 9.1 document and I am not having much luck in finding a difinitive explanation of why this is happening. 

We have gotten around the situation by setting the BIF_COMPATIBILITY to V9_DECIMAL_VARCHAR, but that seems like a temporary solution.

Is this a permanent change beginning with DB2 10 or might we just maybe have something set incorrectly that may be causing the change in behavior?  I am looking for a better solution than the BIF_COMPATIBILITY ZPARM.

It seems odd that the timestamp format would be rejected suddenly in DB2 10, as it seems like a high impact change not to be specifically highlighted in the migration documentation.

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.