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Pinned topic Workbench 3.3 and Rhapsody 8.5.3 Integration error

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Am trying to integrate the Workbench 3.3 and Rhapsody 8.0.3 in windows machine

                We got some problem WRT IP Address of Wndriver Adaptor and we solved that one also we have configured in rhapsody operating systems to select the Workbench environment and modified the .ini file in rhapsody installation directory added include path for wrwb-x86-win32.exe  . Now we are facing this issue in Rhapsody. I have tried to build pingpong sample existing  example using Vxworks6_diab complier . but we got the error like 'wrenv' is not recognised internal or external command.

for your ref please find the attachment of Error screen shot. sorry for any mistakes. requesting to provide the solution or guidelines ASAP to resolve this kind of problems

Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Workbench 3.3 and Rhapsody 8.5.3 Integration error



    I suggest you checking the file contents of vx6make.bat which is located in 8.0/share/etc.

    Probably there are some path issue or environment variable definition should  be solved first.