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Pinned topic Removing EXP5000 from DS5300

‏2013-09-13T15:57:19Z |

Hi, I need to remove an EXP5000 with all the HDs installed in it from an existing DS5300

Can someone help me as to what steps I need to follow to do this?

I've been searching in the DS5300 manuals, but it doesn't mention anything about removing an

existing expansion.

If you can be specific as to what needs to be done, I will really appreciated


  • AndersLorensen
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    Re: Removing EXP5000 from DS5300

    ‏2013-09-15T09:47:48Z  in response to Tulein

    To give you that kind of detailed advice we would need to know the exact way the system is cabled and the exact configuration. And some time to read it all through and be sure nothing have been missed. And frankly dont expect us (we are after all, just IBM customers as you are) to spend hours doing that.

    1 wrong step and you might hurt your configuration.


    I'd suggest you call your local IBM Storage Business Partner and pay them the 1 hour it takes them to remove it. Make it their responsibility to do it right, and be sure its done right.


    If you REALLY want to do it yourself, the steps are something like:

    Make sure all disks are in the shelf are in an Unused state.

    Make sure you have the latest firmware, or if not, at least check the latest firmware release notes about what is fixed since your firmware and consider if it affects your procedure.

    Check cabling to find out what other shelfs are in the same fiber loop as the shelf you want to remove.

    Draw on paper how you need the new cabling after the shelf is removed, using the redbook/dokumentation as a reference.

    Cable the left side.

    Check everything looks right. (ie, you should get Storage Manager errors about lost redundancy to the shelf you want to remove, but not the others)

    Cable the Right side.

    Check everything looks good in the Storage Manager.


    That pretty much sums it up.



    • Tulein
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      Re: Removing EXP5000 from DS5300

      ‏2013-09-21T00:45:22Z  in response to AndersLorensen

      Hi Anders, thanks for your support. It was simpler than I thought. Basically what I did was this:


      1.- Remove all Array configuration that was configured in the EXP I wanted to remove

      2.- Use the "Prepare for removal" option for each hard disk in the EXP5000 and unplugged them from the backplane.

      3.- Turn off the EXP5000 with no HD installed, and removed the fiber and power cables


      Take Care