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Pinned topic Win an iPad Mini... and try paperless meetings for a month with IBM Connections or Lotus Quickr

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Win an iPad Mini with Lialis WebDAV for IBM Greenhouse

How would you like to try a month of paperless meetings, and be the one person in your team who doesn't have to carry a stack of papers around all day… while also giving yourself two opportunities to win a brand new iPad mini?


You can use top business apps - like GoodreaderNotabilityPages and FolderSync - to access all the meeting documents you need, directly from your iPad, iPhone or Android. You can take notes and share them instantly with you colleagues at the push of a button -via your organisation's IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr or Lotus Notes system. Imagine how much time and hassle that would save. 


The More You Use This New Capability.... the 
Greater Your Chances of Winning a New iPad Mini

If you're interested, read on.

We're giving away two iPad Minis - to promote our flagship software, Lialis WebDAV. To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is try it out for one month.

There are no strings, and you don't have to sign up to anything.

Lialis WebDAV bridges the gap between your IBM Connections, Lotus Quickr or Lotus Notes system, and top business apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. You and your colleagues can use your mobile devices to access files stored on your IBM or Lotus System, without using cloud solutions like Dropbox.

Here's How This Competition Works

There are actually two competitions, and each one is two weeks long.

The first will take place between Monday 6th May 2013 and Friday 17th May 2013.

The second will take place between Monday 20th May 2013 and Friday 31st May 2013.

You can take part in both. 

Here's how.

All you need is a free IBM Greenhouse account, and one mobile device with a top business app - like Goodreader, Notability or FolderSync - configured to communicate with your IBM Greenhouse account via our cloud WebDAV server. In fact, you can use any WebDAV enabled app or program.

Simply use your mobile device to transfer as much data as possible via WebDAV.

During both of these two-week periods, we'll examine our server logs and monitor how much data you transfer. (We'll get your email address from the server logs, so you don't have to worry about filling out any forms or registering for this competition.)

You'll be awarded one point for every megabyte you transfer.

Every day - for the duration of each competition - we'll email a league table to every participant, listing the top ten competitors and their exact scores. (We'll also publish this league table on this website. But it will only contain names - not email addresses or any other information.)

At the end of each competition, whoever has the most points wins a brand new iPad Mini. 

How to Enter 

First… create a free account with IBM Greenhouse, if you haven't already.

Second… follow the detailed instructions in the appropriate link below for your device - to connect your mobile device to your IBM Greenhouse environment via the Lialis WebDAV cloud server. It literally takes less than a minute.

Device - App



iPad - Notability

Click here

Take notes and share them directly with your team members in IBM Connections or IBM Quickr.

iPad - GoodReader

Click here

Synchronize all files, IBM Quickr places and or IBM Connections communities with GoodReader for offline usage

iPad - Pages

Click here

Access, create and or modify files with this Word processor and place them directly into IBM Connections or IBM Quickr

iPad - Documents

Click here

Access, create and modify files with this Text editor/reader and upload them directly into IBM Connections or IBM Quickr

Windows/Mac - WebDrive

Click here

Deliver the files stored in IBM Connections or Lotus Quickr to the users computers via a network drive (Mac supported as well).

Android - FolderSync

Click here

Access, modify and or create files with Android FolderSync and place them with directly into IBM Quickr or IBM Connections

Mac - ForkLift

Click here

With WebDAV it is possible to access and modify files in IBM Connections and or IBM Quickr with a Mac



Third… transfer as much data as you can. Download files, upload files, change files, try any app you like.  Also… keep an eye out for the daily league tables, which we'll email to you once the competitions begin.

Good luck!

Marten Vosmer
Managing Director, Lialis
+31 6 224 730 76

P.S. One more thing: you'll get an additional 25 bonus points, if you tweet about this competition using the #lialiswebdav hashtag. We'll monitor this hashtag, and make sure you're credited with your bonus points when we see your tweet.

P.P.S. You can also use the Lialis cloud WebDAV server to connect to your company's onsite IBM Connections or Quickr servers - so you can use it with your company's live IBM or Lotus environment.

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