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Pinned topic Saving an object prior to using gotoObject

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This may be a black hole in DOORS.

I am using a script that has a listview and when a element is selected from this list view makes use of gotoObject() in order to select and position the module to the object.

My problem is that once I re-position to the selected object and make a change to let's say Object Text (without changing object - which means that no real save was done to the modified object) and then change object by selecting a new element in the list view (new auto gotoObject) I lose the change that I have just made to the object.

Even if I try to save the module before using the next gotoObject the changes are lost. In order to save correctly I have to point to another object or another cell from the same object.

It's as though the object is never saved until we change object.

Is there any way to force a save an object prior to using gotoObject or am I tackling this incorrectly.

Thanks : Patrick 



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    Re: Saving an object prior to using gotoObject

    • o."Object Text" = "whatever is on the dialog"

    This take place immediately, there is no such thing as "save" an object modification inside DXL.  Now the GUI does have that notion, when you start editing a object in a column, nothing happens until you click out.

    I'm guessing you cannot yet SEE the changes; perhaps this helps:

    • Module m = module(o)
    • m = current
    • o = current
    • refresh(m)