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‏2012-11-12T19:30:51Z |
We have been running RHEL6 on Power 770 LPARs for 1.5 years, but today I finally installed the IBM service and productivity tools on one of my internal test LPARs.  It was very easy, as shown below:
rpm -i ibm-power-repo-1.1.9-3.ppc.rpm
yum install ibm-power-managed-rhel6
yum install nmon
The video at explains it all.
But most of my prod RHEL6 LPARs are on in a DMZ, and I suspect that communication for some of these tools require communication through the public network between the HMC and the Linux LPAR, which would in our case traverse a firewall.  Would anyone point me in the correct direction to find what ports are needed to be open and in which direction for DLPAR and LPM operations? 
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    Re: Firewall rules for service and productivity tools

    In order for DLPAR and LPM to work, port 657 upd/tcp must be open in both directions between the HMC and the lpar.  (Source: Securing the Hardware Management Console)