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Pinned topic Error Connecting to SQL Sever ->Setting AD ID( active directory) user for connecting to SQL server(windows) using mqsisetdbparams for broker running on linux

‏2013-10-07T02:53:26Z | messagebro​ker wmb wmb7

I have a requirement of configuring the broker with AD id and password to connect to SQL database server . 

The commands what I entered for setting up is given below : 

a> First I created DSN 

b> stopped the broker 

c>executed : 
mqsisetdbparams BROKERNAME -n SQL_ASDA_TMS -u UK\\sqltmsdb -p wmbdev 

d>started the broker 

after setting the above property and restarting the broker I tried to validate the connectivity using mqsicvp command which eventually failed and the error was logged in SQL server as 

login failed for user 'UK\sqltmsdb' .Reason:Attempting to use an NT account name with SQL server authentication 



Find my DSN details below :

;# UNIX to SQLServer stanza 
Description=DataDirect 6.0 SQL Server Wire Protocol,14481 


Broker is running on linux 
The windows application is able to connect to SQL server using that AD Id 
Broker is able to connect to the same SQL server using normal SQL id and password and failing with AD (active directory) Id 

Can somebody help me in telling whether whatever I am trying to implement is possible or not ? 
If yes could you please help me what should I be doing to resolve this issue and if I am missing something here ?

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