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Pinned topic Flashes (Alerts): IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) V5.0.0.0 through running CES NFS service: NFSv4 client application opening a file with the O_TRUNC option may result in undetected data corruption on opening the same file again

‏2019-02-19T14:01:22Z |


IBM has identified an issue in IBM Spectrum Scale V5.0.0.0 through V5.0.2.1 when running CES-based NFS (a.k.a NFS Ganesha server) services, in which an application running on an NFSv4 client may experience a data loss. If the application opens a file with the O_TRUNC option, then modifies (write/append) it, and then again opens (without the O_TRUNC option) the same file (without first closing it), then the file will be truncated, leading to undetected data corruption.

See the complete bulletin at:  http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=ibm10871896