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Pinned topic Question regarding IBM CM8 Monitor - ResourceManagerHeartbeat

‏2014-05-16T22:10:00Z |

Hi forum,

I have a issue/question with "ResourceManagerHeartBeat" monitor. Details below.


I have two CM8 systems under monitoring:

ECM SM Server - ECM SM 5.1 Fixpack 2 / Linux Redhat 6.4 / DB2

ECM SM Client #1 - CM8 197_840101 / AIX / DB2

ECM SM Client #2 - CM8 253_840303 / Linux Redhat 6.4 / DB2


The configuration (system / hosts / environments / products) and installation of CALA ran with no issues. I have several monitors running fine on both CM8 systems:

STANDARD.cepest (CALAProcess, Swapspace, CPUUsage, NetworkPing, CALARexProcesses, PortCheck)

FSM4IBM.cepest (DatabaseConnectionStatus, DatabaseSqlPerformance, ResourceManagerWebStatus)


So, my issue is running only the "ResourceManagerHeartBeat" monitor:

- On both servers the monitor is resulting "not_ok" with message "#Process "icmplsap" for library "ICMNLSDB" is not running, heartbeat cannot by up-to-date".

- Even after I start "/etc/rc.cmlsproc" on both CM8 servers, restarting CALA, the monitor still displaying same error. And the process "icmplsap" is there:

[root@CM8SERVER /opt/IBM/db2cmv8/bin]# ps -ef | grep icmplsap
icmadmin 21954626        1   0 17:27:19 pts/11  0:00 /opt/IBM/db2cmv8/bin/icmplsap icmnlsdb


For now, no clues where I can missing something...... Same behavior with both CM8 systems. Attached a screenshot with the highlights.

Thanks in advance,



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    Re: Question regarding IBM CM8 Monitor - ResourceManagerHeartbeat

    ‏2014-05-19T08:20:26Z  in response to cwoliveira

    Hi Carlos,

    it looks like you configured the database name for the library server inside the ECM SM client configuration using upper case letters. The heartbeat monitor greps the process list for the process "icmplsap" and the database name.
    Your screenshot of the status output shows the db name in lower case letters.

    Please correct the configuration and install cala agent using "Reconfigure only" and "Keep monitor settings", the monitor should work after this change.