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I'm migrating from portal 6 to 8 and WebExperience Factory portlets from 7 to 8. Can someone please tell me the components needed to be upgraded or any reference document for WEF portlets upgradation. It would really be helpful if someone can provide some baseline.


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    Re: Portal and WEF migration to 8


    For portal migration, you're likely to find more experts on that subject in the Portal forum.

    From WEF 701 to WEF 8.0 or better yet 8.5 is typically a straightforward upgrade process (install WEF 8.5, point it at your workspace/projects and "upgrade" the projects in place;  if you have a command line build set up with a copy of WEF command line build components in src control, you'd need to upgrade those too)..

    If you're using an older specialized builder like the GP WebCharts, then there may be some manual migration needed there (as WEF701 and 8 used JViews charting and WEF8.5 that's deprecated and Dojo or JS charts are recommeded) but most core builders are typically similar and in many cases the same.    If you'were migrating from WPF6 or WEF7.0 (prior to 701) without using AJAX or Smart Refresh then its easiest to leave those disabled in WEF8/8.5 (which an in place upgrade would do for you) until you're ready to ensure the AJAX Smart Refresh behavior works for your app(s), but if you're using WEF701 with Smart Refresh, then that's typically  similar and/or same from 701 to 8 and 8.5    The release notes for each release should describe whether any builders were deprecated from previous releases so those would be good to check against the builders that your app(s) are using.


    I hope that info helps,
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