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Pinned topic Cloning a TSRM production Environment

‏2013-06-25T13:43:55Z |

Good Morning,

Our organization has TSRM 7.2.1 which comprises two production servers. One being the app server/admin workstation in RHEL 5.The other being the database server, which is hosted on AIX 6.1.

To avoid multiple and unnecessary complications from a migration process, we are thinking of cloning our environment (the Red Hat is a virtual server). In the case of AIX, it is using a SAN-based storage which we can clone and then attach to another LPAR within our blade server. We have been through all of this process the last two days without any serious issue.

Having said that, what post-cloning activities and configurations should we perform in order to get a decent new test/development enviroment?  what can we expect from changing ip addresses, hostnames and the like?

thanks as always for your support.